With this revolution comes a push for a new way of talking about gender. New labels and pronouns that seek to provide once-alienated people with a sense of self and a concise way to express their identities to the world have flooded the English lexicon. Whether someone is trans or absolutely comfortable with their sex or somewhere else on the spectrum , navigating the ever-expanding list of gender terms can be fraught. How do we have a meaningful dialogue if people are so fearful of making a misstep? As a crowd-sourced glossary of gender identity and sexual orientation terminology, this living document is the first of its kind. Our Gender Nation glossary seeks to decode all that. We reached out to GLAAD about transforming their media reference guide into a mobile web-optimized crowd-sourced glossary for the public. Together, we updated the existing terms that appear in their media guide, and added 57 more.

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He survived the Las Vegas shooting… https: He survived the Las Vegas shooting last year. Here’s what you missed… https: Who doesn’t love a cute card?

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Money Let it go, let it flow! A major year chapter of your life is coming to an end, Capricorn, and you’ll have the next 13 months to navigate the transition. This is a year to “sort the crops,” evaluating everything you’ve created since and looking at where you want or need to correct course. It sounds serious, and well, this IS a pretty big deal. You’re preparing to start a whole new year cycle in December , when auspicious Jupiter will shift into Capricorn and put your personal goals on the fast track.

Until then, you may feel a bit tired or low-key since the twelfth house rules the subconscious, and your “inner world” will be the most active realm of your life. Vivid dreams, serendipitous moments and a slower pace will become the new normal. In other words, Capricorn, prepare to exit your comfort zone! Well, maybe not entirely because you’ll still have structured Saturn marching through your sign until , making sure you stay on top of your most important goals.

At least you’ll still have a tether to the material world. But don’t expect to be too anchored there! With Jupiter in your imaginative and spiritual twelfth house, the next 13 months could awaken your artistic side or help you tap into healing and esoteric abilities.

10 Books That Will Reshape How You Think About Relationships

Choose the Right Synonym for abandon Verb abandon , desert , forsake mean to leave without intending to return. She abandoned the wrecked car on the side of the road. He deserted his family. Don’t forsake old friends in times of trouble. Noun The sense of “abandon” defined above is a relative newcomer to the English language, dating from the early s, but the noun itself is about years older, having been first used in the s in the sense of “the act of abandoning.

The Anglo-French term in turn came from the phrase mettre a bandun, meaning “to hand over” or “put in someone’s control.

COM – Traditional dating schemes are old. No one truly wants to meet their future wife in a bar, and searching for a hottie in church doesn’t always work as advertised. Instead, millions of men have taken their manly ways and rugged looks to the Internet. Online dating sites offer a convenient dating alternative with access to thousands of beautiful, eligible women.

But there are rules. Unspoken rules you won’t find printed in books or posted on blogs.

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When the original Mickey Mouse Clubhouse was brought to fans, the cast involved were taught to respect and look after their property. That would include their mouse-eared hats, as if any of the talents lost or damaged the headpiece, they would have a chunk of their monthly salary deducted. You could say that this is a perfect life lesson for all involved.

Learning that you have to look after your belongings is something we all have to come to terms with, but still, the cast were just kids!

Sports News, Scores and Fan Opinion Powered by Sports Blogs Jamal Murray roasted the Celtics, then ignited an unwritten rules controversy After dropping 48 points on the Celtics, the third-year Nuggets guard pissed them off further after the game. The career-high in points nearly hit the half-century mark, but Murray missed a reverse layup and then a meaningless long three-pointer as time expired, much to the dismay of the Celtics. After Murray missed his final three at the buzzer, Kyrie Irving launched the ball into the stands.

Kyrie threw the ball into the crowd after Jamal Murray’s attempt to make points as the game ended pic. Obviously I was pissed off at the game. Congratulations to him on having 48 points. He did it great fashion against us. Our defense has to be better, especially against a player like that in mid pick and roll. He was a primary concern tonight, and he made us pay in certain instances of making some tough shots and some tough layups.

But the ball deserves to go in the crowd after a bullshit move like that, so I threw it in the crowd. That means Murray is able to do what he does best:

Aquarius: About This Zodiac Sign

Perhaps this is a signal that for a generation that came of age with Facebook, declaring life events there still holds some sway. If one partner posts a photo of the two of you, does the other need to like it? Need to post a photo in return? Is it time to update the love languages to include online affection?

More Articles June 11, The Trump family makes headlines constantly. But Ivanka Trump often flies under the radar. You likely know she owns successful businesses and has three children with husband, Jared Kushner. But which facts did you miss? These are the most fascinating things you never knew about the first daughter. Ivanka has some really unhealthy habits Ivanka has a lot of phone time every day.

Morning Brew – Caity Lotz talks Sara Lance and bisexuality in “Venice Magazine”

A survey of 1, women reveals that while society’s overall perception of female beauty may be changing, women are still as hard on themselves as ever. The data, collected by Refinery29 , indicates that while women may have increasingly positive opinions about other women, self-consciousness continues to inhibit women both mentally and physically.

With a shocking 26 per cent of survey participants admitting they ‘loathe’ their bodies, perhaps it’s unsurprising that women are reporting that negative self-perception is inhibiting them from doing normal activities like swimming, going shopping, and having sex. A survey of 1, women from Refinery29 reveals that 26 per cent of women ‘loathe’ their bodies Even though approximately half of the women surveyed say they ‘love’ their bodies – while the remaining 26 per cent are ‘indifferent’ – the statistics show that one can still be content with their body but struggle with difficult body-related stress.

For some women, the stress is so great that they are actually inhibited from participating in certain activities, with one in five women admitting to ‘cutting down on activities we used to do because of our body image. It is interesting that so many women continue to let their body image impact their lifestyles, particularly when the body positive movement is more alive and well than ever.

Nov 3, Fox There are tons of kinda gross things that happen during your period that can make you curse being a girl — at least for a day or two. One of those involves running to the bathroom way more than normal, and that might make you feel pretty icky. But there’s a reason you poop more when it’s that time of the month and it might not be fun, but it’s totally normal.

Advertisement – Continue Reading Below Refinery Prostaglandins signal the uterus to contract, which pushes out your uterine lining, so you get your period. But what most likely happens, is some lost prostaglandins head over to your bowel and cause that to contract, making you feel like you have to poop and causing gas. In addition, progesterone is a hormone that “helps you maintain a pregnancy,” explains host Emily Rothschild in the video.

And progesterone can make you a bit constipated. But progesterone levels drop during your period, causing the opposite effect. This is what causes diarrhea.

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Why sit down and read a book for fun when I could get a head start on answering emails or writing an article or networking? It soon became a vicious and unhealthy cycle. Just when I was really starting to lose it last year, a friend introduced me to Survivor.

So, I wrote a book calledRecord Collecting for Girls and started interviewing musicians. We’d sit in our neighborhood nail salon for over an hour getting our fingers sculpted with the jelly-like powder and we never skipped a fill-in once new growth came in. How heavy are those wings? Up to 15 pounds. Are those real diamonds on the Fantasy Bra? And finally, what the hell did they use to make the models look that […] We Found Fragrance Gifts For The 8 Most Particular People In Your Life November 9, Everyone is difficult in their own way, which is why the myth of people who are “difficult to shop for” is not only patently ridiculous but, quite frankly, a bit rude.

The attack is the nation’s second mass shooting in less than two weeks. Police identified the gunman as Ian David Long, a year-old former Marine. Officials believe he died by suicide.

Can Social Media Actually Harm Relationships?

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