How’s this for an elevator pitch: It’s fun playing with Script Frenzy’s random generator, but for now I’ll leave the screenplays to Jen-Luc and stick with my writerly strengths. The good news is that we’re moving into high gear for The Calculus Diaries, which will be published August I love the roller coaster imagery with the math-y stuff overlaid courtesy of the Spousal Unit. The entire book is about making the real world your mathematical playground, whether you’re shooting craps in Vegas, enjoying the rides at Disneyland Space Mountain meets vector calculus! Why yes, I’d be happy to show you the derivation for the coming zombie apocalypse.

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Is it a good decision to keep reading? Unfortunately, the answer is “you need to keep reading to find out. Good—your massively irrational mind should have no problem with it, then. Presumably, the network’s programming makes the waters no less safe assuming sharks are not, in fact, empowered by cable television. However, after watching a week of kicking legs seen from below, the idea of shark attack is refreshed in our minds and we choose not to offer ourselves as bait. This phenomenon is known as an availability heuristic — a heuristic being a rule-of-thumb.

Horizon is a current and long-running BBC popular science and philosophy documentary programme. Series one was broadcast in and as of August is in its 54th series. Over episodes have been broadcast (including specials) with an average of 24 episodes per series during the year run.

Garth Sundem is here to help. He’s the author of Geek Logik and it’s his business to help you mathematically solve life’s most pressing problems. Garth has created plug-in numerical solutions that help you make decisions while completely abdicating accountability for your actions – because you can always claim the numbers said it was the right thing to do. It’s like the Taguchi Method, only with real algebra and a lot funnier.

Here are the kinds of life-altering decisions Garth can help you make: D is the severity of the issue 1 being “I forgot to take out the trash before work” and 10 being “I left the kids with matches and forgot to turn off the gas before leaving on vacation” , Ra is your actual responsibility for your crime, Rp is your perceived responsibility for your crime, and P is how pissed off she is. A is, of course, apologizing.

Anything below 1, you tell her to kick rocks and wait for her to come crawling back and bake you pies.

Geek Logik: 50 Foolproof Equations for Everyday Life

We know how these turned out. The equation put its money on Ben Affleck Jennifer Garner making it to their fifth anniversary in So far, so good. However some predictions were too pessimistic. It was similarly hard on Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, because of his fame, his two failed marriages and their age gap.

Geek Logik: 50 Foolproof Equations for Everyday Life [Garth Sundem] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Here for the geek in all of us are fifty foolproof equations that take the guesswork out of life—and the funniest twist on an idea since Richard Smith’s The Dieter’s Guide to Weight Loss During Sex. Call it the algebra oracle: By plugging in the right variables.

List created by Suzanne J. Closed 1 Suzanne J. I Killed June Cleaver is a collection of funny and light-hearted essays about parenthood, encompassing the notion that a mother needn’t be an over-achiever, and that whatever works is the way to go. This mom may or may not be a good cook, she’s pretty tired, she probably hasn’t had time to get a haircut in many months and she more or less calibrates her calendar to her car pool days.

Moms today are under more pressure than ever. These humorous essays serve as a relief valve. But when she and her friends join hands to make a wish on New Year’s Eve, even Val marvels at the ring of energy and light they mysteriously create. Since her magical grandmother is lying near death in a hospital, Val can only assume that this Since her magical grandmother is lying near death in a hospital, Val can only assume that this power of the Comet Committee, as they come to call themselves, is her own.

When Val is assigned to host foreign exchange student Bosanka Lonat at school, the Comet Committee’s purpose becomes clear to her. Bosanka has come to America in search of her estranged relatives, and she believes that the Committee has the power to reunite them.

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Call it the algebra oracle: Can I still wear tight jeans? Is it time to see a therapist? How many beers should I have at the company picnic? How does it work?

Geek Logik Can math make your life easier? Yes, and hopefully this blog by Garth Sundem, the author of Geek Logik: You can’t fault the optimism. Now, through the lens of hindsight, I realize that I should have known that dating and even cohabitating were only warm-ups for the big dance. However, to Kristi, the color was “dead guy white. She wanted something “bright and cheerful, like a nice sunshine-pumpkin. Oh and blue trim.

And I should have known from the start. Why, I wonder, didn’t I realize sooner the way the wind was blowing and just paint the darn thing, rather than creating relationship strife to the tune of then also needing to put a skylight in the upstairs bedroom? I needed an equation—something along the lines of “Is she really serious about that home improvement project?

These statistics were easy to write in math terms, and the equation does fairly accurately predict your chances of being married at time “T”.


From to Allied and Axis scientists threw their weight into the war knowing that their influence would have enormous consequences for mankind. The secret battles for air supremacy, the inventions, the measures and the countermeasures are part of a story which scientists tell in tonight’s programme. A Scottish chemist has recently thought up an unusual application for Scotch whisky: One over the eighty: In two weeks’ time it will be a criminal offence to have more than eighty milligrams of alcohol per hundred millilitres of blood while in charge of a motor car.

What does this level mean?

A Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace , AI winter , airport security , Apple II , artificial general intelligence , Asilomar , augmented reality , autonomous vehicles , basic income , Baxter: Roughly speaking, if we can do anything in a clear and intelligible way, we can do it by machine. His insight was striking because it came at the very dawn of the computer age, before the impact of the technology had been grasped by most of the pioneering engineers.

The Future of Robot and Human Intelligence contains an early detailed argument that the robots that he has loved since childhood are in the process of evolving into an independent intelligent species. A decade later he refined the argument in Robot: Mere Machine to Transcendent Mind

computer age

Video about 50 year old couple having sex: One interesting study actually found out that happiness is related to sex. Stop the blame game and take accountability for making things better. In most couples, one person always wants sex more, and the other will want less sex. If the answer to one or both the questions is yes, then you must have wondered whether you have a higher sex drive than others, or does your partner have a lack of libido.

How Much Sex to Be Happy?

These days, from government to business to technology to Hollywood, geeks rule the world. Science, pop-culture trivia, paper airplanes, and pure geekish nostalgia coexist as happily in these pages as they do in their natural habitat of the geek brain. And here, for you pathetic Download Emotional Equations: Using brilliantly simple logic that illuminates the universal Download Geek Girls Unite: In recent years, male geeks have taken the world by storm.

But what about their female counterparts? After all, fangirls are just like fanboys—they put on their Imperial Stormtrooper Lycra pants one leg at a time. Geek Girls Unite is a call to arms for every girl who has ever obsessed over music, comics, film, comedy, books, crafts, fashion, or Download Even a Geek Can Speak – Joey Asher In today’s high-tech world, it’s cool to be a geek.

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But that doesn’t mean all first dates have to be awful. In fact, there are certain things we can all do to scientifically increase the odds of first date success. Whether that means emerging from the restaurant with a new bae in hand or making it home in time to watch Netflix and pop in your night guard is up to you.

Here’s what you need to know: Should I order a drink, or will that then throw off the drink-matching pattern for the entire evening? This is largely because it forces the other person to approach you, which might just trick their brain into liking you more.

This program specializes in research and grapevine cultivar development. According to their mission statement, they also focus on understanding the mechanisms of disease and pest resistance so that they incorporate these traits as a way to improve sustainability for Minnesota and other cold climate viticulture areas. Lastly they focus on developing and teaching enology best practices for cold-hardy grapes.

We evaluate new seedling vines in the nursery setting and in recent years have planted approximately 5, vines alone in the nursery. We are using DNA testing to screen plants for some traits, including disease resistance. After a year in the nursery, the vines that are top performers are moved to the vineyard where they are evaluated for cold hardiness, fruit quality, vine habit, disease and pest resistance, and eventually wine quality. It can take years after planting before we can taste the fruit for the first time.

This involves making a cross pollination of two parents of interest, one that shows the trait such as phylloxera resistance and one that is susceptible. We grow out all of the seedling offspring from that pollination and then evaluate the progeny for the trait of interest. Preferably for multiple years, and in the field, greenhouse, or lab setting.

We are then able to use genetic markers and statistics to help link regions of the genome with the trait. We have recently identified a new region of the grape genome that is associated with resistance to the foliar form of the insect pest phylloxera. Knowing where this resistance is, means that moving forward we can develop a DNA test to screen seedlings in the greenhouse rather than waiting years for a field assessment to derive the same answer.

Geek Logik: 50 Foolproof Equations for Everyday Life

Why would a casino try and stop you from losing? How can a mathematical formula find your future spouse? Would you know if a statistical analysis blackballed you from a job you wanted? Today, number crunching affects your life in ways you might never imagine. In this lively and groundbreaking new book, economist Ian Ayres shows how today’s best and brightest organizations are analyzing massive databases at lightening speed to provide greater insights into human behavior.

They are the Super Crunchers.

Share this article Share The duo put their expertise in statistics and science reporting to good use by devised an equation that they argued could work out whether a marriage would work. Their variables included the relative fame of the husband and wife, their ages, the length of their courtship, their marital history, and the sex-symbol factor, which Tierney and Sundem determined by looking at the woman’s attire in her first five Google hits.

The formula predicted Britney Spears, right, and her husband Kevin Federline, pictured here in , would split A banker: Jennifer Garner, left, and Ben Affleck pictured in However, the equation was not flawless; for example, the duo predicted the demise of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, a union that is still going strong. The formula wasn’t perfect and got it wrong when it comes to Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, who are still together And now, Sundem and Tierney have a new and improved and even simpler formula for predicting celebrity marital success.

However, the duo also realised that it is the wife’s fame that really matters. I prefer the latter. Scientists create equation that predicts which celebrity marriages will end in divorce.

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